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How does mix onsite concrete save you money?

Estimating the amount of concrete you need on a job requires the proper square footage and an exact depth over the entire square footage to be accurate. A small mistake on either can make the amount of concrete you need inaccurate. A 1/2” of depth over a 1000 sq ft is a difference of 1.5 cubic yards or $275 of extra concrete needed.

This can impact your business in several ways. If you have to order too much concrete to be sure you have enough to cover the possibility your calculations are wrong, you then must dump the extra concrete on the ground or pay the concrete company extra money dump it on their site, not to forget that you purchased extra you won’t use. Both cost more to your bottom line.

If you order too little concrete then you have the hassle of getting another truck, the extra delivery fee cost and your time! Not to forget the stress and panic when you run into this situation. With mix onsite trucks , we make it right there and if you need a yard or two more we simply batch more. If you need less than you ordered no problem. PAY ONLY FOR WHAT NEED- that’s it.

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