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The benefits of Sealcoating your asphalt

Updated: May 14

Asphalt looks great when it is new with a rich black color and it’s smooth texture . Time and the elements are your road or driveways enemy. Water specifically is the most damaging to your asphalt in several ways:

  1. Rainfall in itself , will not harm the asphalt but the drainage patterns post rainfall that run across or down a section of your road certainly can erode the “fines” from the asphalt. Fines are the black particles that fill in the spaces between the aggregate in asphalt. Sealcoating can provide a barrier to stop the water from this type of erosion.

  2. Potholes are created from the base material beneath the asphalt failing and more often than not it is from water penetrating the asphalt and disrupting the road base. Sealcoating every 3-5 yrs is a good way to prevent this from happening or minimizing the amount water penetrating the asphalt into the base.

  3. Lastly Sealcoating can give the parking lot a facelift by restoring the black color and the repainting of the lines giving it a great fresh look.

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